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Victoria Ransom: Founder & CEO at Prisma, The Business Of Reimagining 4-8th Grade Education

Victoria Ransom: Founder & CEO at Prisma, The Business Of Reimagining 4-8th Grade Education

Victoria has co-founded multiple companies with her husband, Alain Chuard. These include Access Trips, Wildfire, and now Prisma. She also earned her MBA from Harvard Business School.

After starting her family and being unsatisfied with the options for educating her children, she knew there had to be a better way, so she co-founded her newest venture, Prisma. Prisma is redefining education by taking an entirely new approach to the system. Using coaches instead of teachers, quarters focused on STEM, Entrepreneurship, and real-world projects, online instead of classrooms, and much, much more. 

Victoria is an adventurer, and in the podcast, we talk about her experience living in a Brazilian favela, and the six weeks she spent living with a native tribe in the Amazon. 

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