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Matheus Riolfi: CEO at Tint

Matheus Riolfi: CEO at Tint

Y Combinator, Harvard Business School, Turo, and Embedded Insurance

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Matheus is the Co-founder and CEO of Tint, an insurance startup on a mission to empower any company to embed insurance into its product.

Tint is a Y Combinator-backed startup that provides a no-code platform, compliance services, and capital/capacity for innovative insurance solutions.

Previously, Matheus held senior leadership roles at Turo, studied at Harvard Business School, and participated in Y Combinator.

In this episode, we discuss:

🚀 Matheus's experience with Y Combinator (YC)

💡 The opportunity in embedded insurance

🏠 The benefits and challenges of remote work

🛡️ Creating Embedded Protection Products

🔭 Taking a long-term vision when approaching entrepreneurship

🎢 The ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey

🌟 Much more


00:05:59 - The Benefits of Y Combinator

00:11:39 - The Difference between Insurance and Assurance

00:15:24 - Embedding Insurance into Business Models

00:19:03 - Motivating and Training Talent

00:21:07 - The Benefits of Remote Work

00:23:01 - The Value of Business School

00:24:53 - The Most Fun Part of Business

00:26:42 - Lessons from Scaling a Team

00:28:31 - Other Exciting Opportunities

Connect with Matheus:

  • LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mriolfi/

  • Twitter: twitter.com/mriolfi

Check out Tint

  • Website: tint.ai

  • Twitter: twitter.com/heytint

  • LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/heytint

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