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Matt McGarry: Generating $15M Through Email Marketing

Matt McGarry: Generating $15M Through Email Marketing

The Power Of Email Newsletters, Building An Eight-Figure Business, And The Future Of AI In Marketing

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Matt McGarry, "The Newsletter Guy," is a highly successful entrepreneur.

As the founder of the agency GrowLetter, Matt is a thought leader and operator in newsletter growth and customer acquisition.

Additionally, Matt generated over 5 million subscribers and $15 million in sales just last year.

In this episode, we discuss:

💰 Building an eight-figure business

📬 The evolution of newsletter marketing

📈 Scaling a freelance business

💼 B2B newsletter marketing opportunities

🌱 Using evergreen content across platforms

🤖 The future of AI in marketing

🌟 Much more


00:00:00 - The Value of Newsletters in Email Marketing

00:05:54 - The Rise of Newsletters in the Creator Space

00:08:47 - Transitioning from Full-Time Job to Freelancing and Consulting

00:11:30 - Scaling the Business: From Freelancer to Agency

00:17:20 - Technology, Software, and Education in Newsletter Marketing

00:20:21 - Transitioning from Freelancing to A Full-Time Job in Digital Marketing

00:26:13 - Opportunities in B2B Newsletters

00:29:17 - Alternative Paths to Freelancing Success

00:32:01 - Building an Eight-Figure Business

00:34:49 - Evergreen & Impactful Content: From Tweets to Podcasts

00:37:33 - The Future of AI Capabilities

00:40:27 - Using Memes for Ads

Connect with Matt McGarry:

→ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JMatthewMcGarry

→ Newsletter: newsletteroperator.com/subscribe

→ Website: https://growletter.co/

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