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Brennan Dunn: Founder of RightMessage

Brennan Dunn: Founder of RightMessage

The Art of Delivering the Right Email at the Right Time

Brennan Dunn is the author of This Is Personal, The Art of Delivering the Right Email at the Right Time.

For the last decade, Brennan Dunn has been building "email-first" businesses.

Currently, he owns and operates two companies: RightMessage, a software company that builds personalized marketing software, and Double Your Freelancing, an online community offering courses, events, and other resources to 60,000+ freelancers and agencies.

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In this episode, we discuss:

📚 Brennan's New Book, The Art of Delivering the Right Email at the Right Time

🎯 The Power of Personalized Marketing

💬 High-Touch Sales Strategies

📧 The Importance of Owned Distribution Channels

⭐️ Much More


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00:00:00 - Launching "The Art of Delivering the Right Email at the Right Time"

00:02:20 - Growing a Personal Brand

00:04:45 - Growing an Organic SEO Strategy

00:06:06 - Running a SaaS into the Ground

00:12:14 - Different Sub-Niches for Selling Digital Products

00:14:58 - Acquiring Marketing Skills

00:18:00 - Selling Info Products and the Newsletter Bubble

00:21:45 - The Future of YouTube Influencers and Online Courses

00:24:09 - The Importance of Owning Distribution Channels

00:28:32 - Reaping the Benefits of High-Touch Sales

00:29:40 - Increasing Conversion Rates through Personalization

00:35:44 - Increasing Value per Subscriber

00:37:58 - Obtaining Customer Information through Surveys

00:40:14 - Preventing Misfiring Automations

00:41:18 - Personalization and Data Usage

00:42:42 - Utilizing Zero Party Data

Connect with Brennan:

  • LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/brennandunn

  • Brennan's Company: rightmessage.com

  • Twitter: twitter.com/brennandunn

  • YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCZMv2IDR8bVOLJEVok4BlkA

  • Podcast: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/freelanceanswers-by-brennan-dunn

  • Book: amazon.com/This-Personal-Delivering-Right-Email-ebook/dp/B0BSL3JLHD/

Resources Mentioned

  • Barnes & Noble: barnesandnoble.com

  • Optimizely: optimizely.com

  • ConvertKit: convertkit.com

  • Hacker News: news.ycombinator.com

  • Teachable: teachable.com

  • Ankur Nagpal: linkedin.com/in/ankurnagpal

  • Justin Welch: justinwelsh.me/the-operating-system-grow-monetize-your-linkedin

  • Amy Hoy: twitter.com/amyhoy

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  • Dickie Bush: twitter.com/dickiebush

  • Pat Flynn: patflynn.com

  • Dan Go: dango.co

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